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What Is The 

amp installment

"Selna Kim is one of the most trusted dating and relationship coaches in the world."

- The New York Weekly

"Selna has become an authority on dating topics."

- Kivo Daily

"Selna's Secrets Will Able You To Attract Your Dream Woman & Attract Success." 

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A Virtual & Live Class Designed To:

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Attract Anybody

increase confidence

Learn from the Nation's #1 Dating Coach the tips, tricks, and psychology behind what triggers real attraction in somebody. Enabling you to spark interest with whoever you desire. 

Foster a healthy self esteem relationship with yourself by eliminating the beliefs that are causing low-confidence. Causing you to attract whatever and whoever into your life.

improve lifestyle

Advanced psychology hacks & tricks that will 10x your business revenue, bring out your inner alpha, persuade anybody, and increase your ability to win in critical situations. 

 and it doesn't matter if... 


You struggle with shyness... 


You've never had a girlfriend...


You don't have a millionaire's bank account... 

what creates irresistible magnetism is inside of you 


and you're next... 

But what separates a low value man from a high value man? That's simple. Standards. 

People, and especially women have a built in radar to tell if you are low value or high value. 

Most of the time winning in attraction, business, and life happens before you say a word. 

Because they can tell if you're high value or low value INSTANTLY... BUT HOW? 

- Does your head swivel when you pass an attractive girl? Mine doesn't. 

- Do you find yourself wishing you can get those instagram celebrities? I don't.

- Are you nervous to go into a big business meeting? There's no need. 

let me tell you something about these instagram celebrities 

Or whatever they call themselves. You think they have a dream-like life? They don't. You see them in the clubs when they are their hottest. They spent 3 hours to look like that. When I was a club promoter and started hanging with them not at 12 a.m. on Saturday, BUT 3 p.m. on a Tuesday then you see them for what they really are. Just humans with a heart that complain a little more than the typical person. One of them with over 800 K followers dm'd me last week asking to fly me out to California. Do you think I said yes? Did I fly out there? Absolutely not. 

Another one sent me an anonymous letter in the mail that said, "The Top 20 Reasons Why Selna Kim Should Take Me On A Date." I blocked her. It was kind of creepy. 

 do you want the ability to attract anyone & anything? 

there's one requirement...  


Years ago I was walking down the sidewalks of Indianapolis seeing the most eye-catching women but too nervous to even talk to them... I was broke... and worst of all I viewed myself as a loser who could never get the freedom, confidence, or women that I wanted. My final attempt at this as a beta male was when I wanted to ask a soccer player at my University on a date. I scrunched up enough cash to buy a hot pink, nike soccer ball. Wrote in Sharpie marker the things I liked about her, and when I gave it to her she said that I was the most annoying person she had ever met. 

In that moment, after I got home, I vowed to change. 

I wanted INSTANT attraction... 

I wanted a bank account so big that it looked like a phone number... 

I wanted everyone no matter where I went to either respect me, or to want me. 

And I did it. I made it happen. But here's the thing... You have to commit to yourself, FIRST. 

I realized if you don't value yourself first, nobody will. 


most people think... 

You need to wait for the right moment, the right business deal, the right girl will magically fall onto your lap. 

They try one or two times and it doesn't work so they give up and say the game is rigged against them. 

Here's the thing... 

it is stacked against you

I know the game of life backwards and forwards. I don't know you, BUT I do know you want to have the ability to 

stack the cards in your favor. I know that you want a life where you can choose what you want, or who you want. 

Don't spend another second not fully committing to yourself. Not believing in yourself. You need to make a decision. So that anywhere, anytime, and under ANY circumstance you can claim everything you want. 

 I let a few people test drive the a.m.p installment 


here's what they said:

"Dude, thanks to you I got a girlfriend in 7 days."

- Austin P. 28 years old

"I used the AMP Installment and I not only got my dream girl but now I'm making over $20,000 per month! Thanks to SK!"

- Marcus B. 42 years old

"Selna you have helped me so much... I don't have a father, he passed away when I was little. You have given me all of the advice I need." 

"The AMP Installment is underrated."

- Chad F. 22 years old.

The A.M.p installment is

perfect for you if... 

You're Introverted Or Shy

If You Get Approach Anxiety When Talking To Girls

If You Struggle To Make 

Connections Or Create Chemistry With New / High Value People

If You're Getting Back To Dating After A Failed Relationship, Or Bad Break Up


You Want Someone Obsessed With You

If One Of Your Goals Is To Become A Millionaire 

If You Don't Have Confidence Around Other People

If You Can't Get Your Income

To Increase To Save Your Life


You owe it to yourself  

the clock is ticking...

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Keep Pushing Forward,

- Selna Kim

America's Face of Dating

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 a taste of what you'll find inside... 

Working from Home


-Texting & Attraction Advanced Moves

-How To Attract More: Dates, Business Clients, High Quality People. 

- Texting That Attracts Vs. Repels

-Psychology That Attracts Clients Vs. Repels

- The SK Formula That Increases Texting Conversation. 

- Real Texting EXAMPLES

Suit and Tie

- Confidence & Mindset Tricks That Will Raise Self-Esteem By 10x

-The Trick That Pro Athletes & Olympians Use To Stay Calm In High Pressure Situations

- Confidence Draining Habits

- Daily Missions To Improve Self - Esteem

What Causes Low - Confidence

- Anxiety & Depression Prevention


- Techniques To Apply To The Field

-The Secrets To Spark Instant Attraction

- The Secrets To Create Instant Trust

- Techniques To Make Them Obsessed

- NLP Techniques To Create Unconscious Rapport

- What To Say (A Script To Mastery)



- Potential Live Q&A With Selna Kim


- Charisma Secrets

- What Separates The Most Charismatic People From The Other 99% Of the World.

- Conversation Secrets To Trigger Interest

- Story Telling Tricks

- Lines & Words That Hook People's Attention


- Alpha Fridays

- Learning The Secrets To Become Respected By Others

- Why Alpha's Have It Easier

- How To Go From "Nice" To Alpha 

- Using Direction As A Attraction Switch

- Body Language Secrets That Cause Attraction & Respect

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- Personal Missions Based On:

- Attraction Building

- Confidence Building

- Business Building

- These Missions Are Designed To Help Overcome Shyness, Learn Dating Techniques, Communication Skills, And Level Up Your Character

- Psychology Hacks To Strengthen Your Influence

Preparation Reminder For Liva Q / A