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bit I'm on a macbookpro so... :/ Dvorak_: there's a driver in the firmware / oem repository for the mbr (i dont know whether there is one for the intel graphics). Dvorak_: you can have a look in /var/log/dmesg for warnings about IRQ conflicts when booting Dvorak_, the intel graphics driver will not work properly on a Macbookpro OS X partition Dvorak_: also, a lot of macbooks have a hardware IRQ controller which needs to be disabled in the bios (but you may need to use special TTYs if you'd like to do so) I don't have problems with running intel drivers, I run Kubuntu on this macbook for about a year now I used to use the AMD version Dvorak_: then i don't think you need to bother with disabling the IRQ controller. But I wanted to get the Iris6010 on this Macbook and here I am with Ubuntu :) The problem I have is that one (or two?) of my SSD's are being detected as USB instead of as NFS Dvorak_: well that's not what happens on this macbook They are connected via Thunderbolt and all of the machines are Macs I am almost sure that the problem is with the SSD's I wanted to boot from a Ubuntu live CD to check if the SSD's are really the problem Dvorak_: does your ubuntu install experience this if you use the disks? I would like to be able to use them as RAID for my Raid0 or RAID1 file system or something Dvorak_: and i assume you have a linux bootable USB flash drive? D




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MasterCAM X6 64bit Crack And Install 48 2022

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