Below is what I promised you & MORE. 

Before you open your gifts, let me share with you a story on why I believe it's so important to not only keep your word, but making sure to overdeliver. 

In 2018, the logo you see in the top left corner was created. We call it the 'Logo of Thousands'. We went it to a design company to get it digitalized and registered with the USPTO. Without realizing, the company we had design and register it was a scammer. Claiming that they needed more money every step of the way for "trademarking" and more because of made up rules and characteristics of the USPTO. $500 for the design turned into them swindling more than $3,500 from my pockets and others. I thought it was the process, and my assistants were taking care of the design process for me since I was in the middle of getting my book reviewed by the NYT. I discovered this when the fraud company created an email list but failed to keep all of the contacts private. When they sent their first email we could see every single contact they had. Also, every single reply was shown on the email. Thousands of other victim's emails were naked and leaked. It created an email chain 1,000 people long claiming they had been scammed. That their money was stolen.

I contacted my business accountant right away, and she was only able to recover $1,200 which means over $2,300 was lost to the scammers sadly. Today, it feels like most people are untrustworthy, or they are trying to take something from you. SO, after that incident, I wanted to make sure that my team is taken care of. I wanted to be the coach, mentor, and teacher that will always bring results beyond expectation. I promised myself to bring substantial value to the world, and to impact millions of lives.  It disgusted me. The filth of most businesses. Some of those people had children to feed, and families to support. I was burning with rage. I had to be the very opposite. To be a guide, and a light in people's lives. Thus, Selna Kim was born.

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Misdirection Perfection

BANNED Chapters

Night Club Success BLUEPRINT

Comebacks, Responses, And Lines YOU Can Use - INSTANTLY Make Her Attracted
BANNED Chapters 
From Waking The Core Of Man
The Quick Start Guide To Having A Successful Night Out