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Awaken Your True Potential - Whether That Means Living A Passionate, Healthier, And Wealthier Life, Building That Million-Dollar Business, Becoming Irresistibly Attractive, Or Rekindling Your Relationship. One-On-One Private Coaching, Life-Enhancing Courses, Videos, And Books Will Separate You From The Many Who Live Boring, Second-Class, And Unfavorable Lives

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Selna Kim - America's Face of Dating

Teaching You How To Be The Exception

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The key to winning in attraction, dating, and even in business, love, or personal relationships isn't having the nicest car, money, or the newest iPhone. 21st Century studies reveals that the key is learning the skills behind being the exception - the one who is able to bend the rules of what's possible. This is the person that she's with and cancels on others for. The individual who women, business, power, and money chase. At 20 years old, Connor (Selna Kim) McCanless woke up realizing he wasn't the exception, but the polar opposite. 

Heartbreak and constant rejection were the themes of his life. After experiencing his parent's divorce and being placed in a shelter at a young age, others outcasted him in school and bullied him. Isolation created a lust for some sort of connection, but whenever he put his heart on the line (Like the typical Hollywood movie) it was crushed every time. 

"There were the guys who 'had it' with girls," Selna Kim quotes, "and then the guys who didn't. I was one of the many who didn't." He knew that he would be a failure forever if he didn't do something about it. Fortunately, one of his best friends was a world-class club promoter who had the power, money, models, and secrets that Selna Kim desperately wanted to get his hands on. Not only did Kim unlock these secrets, but it turned his life into a movie. Receiving an invitation to join one of the Midwest's top club promoting industries, he went from loser, reject, and the guy that women ignored to models, raves, private jets, and more. Knowing nothing but poverty, bankruptcy, and working in an Amazon warehouse making $13 per hour this new life became extremely addicting. 

At first, it was the dream but, over time, he began to feel more empty, frustrated, and unfulfilled. This lifestyle began to rot him from the inside out. Gaming girls became effortless but he couldn't figure out how to maintain a healthy relationship. He became obsessed with a girl, but once he got her he became bored and would walk away. He then went on a quest seeking answers behind how to rekindle a broken relationship, reignite the passion, and the secrets to truly creating a healthy, loving, and intimate relationship.

At first, he believed his passion was winning the heart of the woman of his dreams, but it was actually when he taught it to his friends and shared similar results with them that he felt most fulfilled. Retiring from the community, he decided to write his first book 'Waking The Core Of Man' for men struggling with attraction, dating, and relationships revolved around his time in that community. 

Now he spends his time reading, studying, and learning from the world's best peak performance, relationship, and life coaches and also applying his life teachings to individuals who are seeking answers like he once was. He now teaches, coaches, and mentors multi-millionaire's, athletes such as: America Ninja Warriors, and many more how to bring incredible success, peace, and comfort in all areas of their lives including: Health, Attraction, Dating, Relationship & Marriage, Business, and Mental-Emotional well-being.


“Every line is like riding in the back of a Rolls-Royce.”

Matt H. (on Waking The Core Of Man.)