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Effortless Romance on sight

The Dating Mastery System

Learn directly from Selna Kim 1-1. Eros has gotten over 100 men into their dream relationship. and has produced thousands of successful dates. 



Effortless Romance on sight

Apply for Selna Kim's GREATEST system that has proven guaranteed results.

You WILL BE working with Selna Kim 1-on-1 DIRECT. 10 Hour+ video training. Also working with a head coach Selna Kim assigns based on your needs. Plus weekly group coaching with the entire group. 

ONLY apply if you are willing and able to invest into yourself

ONLY apply if you are serious about bringing massively successful results to your personal life. 

WARNING: If you book a call and fail to attend, you will not be able to reschedule. 

Here's Australian client Danny on how he started this year extremely depressed, and even went through a break up. Now listen to how just only 3 weeks in my Eros program turned his entire life around. Now he's running a 6-figure business!

Watch Juan talk about how he went from shy beta male to an extremely confident alpha male very quickly because of Eros. At first he started very uncertain, but now listen to how he's flirting with women! 

Listen to Moses' story on how it was incredibly difficult to talk to a girl before Eros. Now notice how he applied some simple tips and now is dating a girl that every guy wants!  

Watch this video on Deon, before the Eros Program, got friend zoned by a girl from his work. After joining, he learns how to flirt effectively and escapes the friend zone. Notice his newly found charisma in this video

Listen to Germany client Kai speak on how important Eros was for his self transformation with women. He applied what he learned through the program to win a girl he was pursuing for over 3 years! 

Watch this testimonial to see how Eros client Owen (FROM ALASKA) obtained unshakeable confidence. He's also moved in with his dream woman currently!  

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