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Sitting Down With MASTER Marketer Lewis Gaskins | (3) Tips For Making Money Online

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Take A Look At The Highlights Of Sitting Down With Lewis Gaskins. Going From Having Barely Enough Cash To Get Gas In His Car To 6-Figures In 2 Months

“I'm only getting a few potential clients each month, but I haven't been able to sign any or make much money online at all. Can you give me some pointers?" - Rebecca L.

1. ) Aim At The Pain Point*

"One tip that I personally learned from Jason Capital," I told Lewis, "is that if you want to make money you have to put yourself in the customer's shoes."

Basically, so many people talk about themselves, and you're not going to get any client with that. Instead, you want to target what someone's pain is because that's going to trigger them to buy.

When I was releasing my book, 'Waking The Core Of Man' I had hundreds of people reaching out to me on social media, after the promotion post, including newspapers, journals, bloggers, and just people interested. They would ask, "What's the book about?" If i said, "me me me." They would've been like, "Who gives a shit? Why should I pay 20$ for a book that's all about you? Why should I even care about you?"

Instead, when someone is interested, then you have to hit clients hard in the subconscious, wrapping your product or service with so much need that they feel more pain to not buying than to buying the product.

I responded aiming at a lot of people's wants, desires, and at the brain's natural craving to want some sort of significance: "It's about how I got involved with the shady world of promoting clubs and wild dark secrets I learned from the world's most powerful promoters about the mind, dating psychology, romance, winning people over in seconds, and more. Then with me waking up and leaving that stuff behind."

Do you think they bought? Absolutely, I had over 500 preorders that week. It's because with relationships and, especially men, people want to have an advantage over others. People want to learn dark secrets about places they go to.

"The same could be said for a clothing brand," Lewis states.

I remember a story back in 7th grade when Nike had its big debut 'Nike Elites'. The socks that had the squares going up the back. Some people don't know how they could conjure pain with clothing to make people want to buy. But when I saw all of the popular kids wearing those socks, what do you think I felt? Lack, uncool, or maybe if I got those socks then I would be popular too. So, what did I do that same week? I went out and bought 2 pairs of those $12 socks. Marketing is nothing more than bringing a pain to the table and making it so big that they can't see anything else but purchasing that product. But also filling that need for them beyond expectation.

2. ) Finding The Pain Points*

People don't know where to find the pain in someone's life or their niche. A niche is your field of expertise. People are drowning in information, but dying for wisdom. There are places, such as Amazon, that give marketers a free resource. Their reviews are where you will find what you need. That's where people will tell you what they came to look for, why they were looking, and what solved their problems. Literally it's a marketing ad in one review. If someone came with a problem them chances are, a lot of other people struggle with the same problem or similar problems. You hit the market at that spot, and sell like crazy.

3. ) People Buy With Emotion & Justify With Logic*

In The Wolf Of Wall Street DiCaprio said his famous line, "Sell me this pen." Most people went into logic and reasoning, saying things like, "This is a really good pen with a nice ball point. It has...," I already fell asleep. Instead you need to paint the picture and stuff it with emotions.

Instead, imagine you you've been chasing this deal with a client for 2 months and finally they want to close the deal. You're getting ready to sign, you reach into your suit pocket, and you pull out this plastic pen that's been chewed on and cheap. What does this tell the client about the deal? About who you are? About how successful it will be? On the other hand imagine this pen. Dark Blue, Carbon Fiber, and Italian engineered. Feels like riding in a Ferrari as you write. When you click it, it makes this beautiful mechanical sound. Imagine the feeling while the dark blue ink soaks into the paper with every subtle movement in signature.

BONUS*** Pain vs. Pleasure

People need to associate more pleasure to buying things than with pain. With the above example with the pen, it's exactly pain vs. pleasure. If they associate more pain to buying than they simply won't buy, but if you can make them experience so much pleasure that it blinds the pain then you will make a sale every time. The common example I use is that when someone is hesitant to buy and read my book but their relationship is failing then I will say something along the lines of, "Is a 23$ book worth thousands of dollars in legal fees? Waking up early on a Saturday morning and go in to court to see your wife who - you probably still love - sitting across from you with a lawyer who she's probably now sleeping with. Is it worth you waking up after the day she leaves to half of a bed that's empty, still has her scent weaved into the mattress, and it's raining outside. You get this sinking feeling in your heart that you really messed up and you think of me. That 23$ book that could've saved everything."

Now, this is not evil. People can definitely use it for that, but that's not why I'm doing this. I use that example because I do use it sometimes but it's for those who are lazy and complacent. I know what that brings. They'll eventually wake up and realize they have been slipping up their whole lives. So, I make them see into the future and feel the pain that comes with how they are currently going so they can change their lives now and be the person they need to be.

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