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15 GREAT Date Ideas | Bring The Fire Back

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

15 Great date Ideas that will inspire a deeper bond in a relationship, but also for men looking for great first date ideas to sweep her off her feet and put her into the love story she's always dreamed of. I'm Selna Kim - America's Face of Dating and in this coaching article I discuss how one of my viewers writes in about the last post '7 Core Principles To A Successful Relationship'. He struggled with keeping the fire going, and this writer describes a few date ideas she does with her partner that could help enhance your relationship.



Hi Selna! I'm a huge fan of your work! I'm Carly and I read your post about the 7 Core Principles Of Successful Relationships and I know that the person struggled with falling into a routine with his girl or keeping the relationship a constant love story. I thought I'd share some of the things that my husband and I do that keeps us constantly growing together. I know in your book that you talk about the three G's of Successful relationships, and one happens to be growth. --- (First, thank you for reaching out and wanting to help others in their relationships. That's what I want for #TeamSK is to build a community of like-minded individuals who want to help others grow in their personal lives and more. For that, I'd love to send you a free copy of my book - the hardcover version if you don't have it! Reach out to me personally so I can get that to you. BUT it's true. growth is needed for a relationship. A man needs to constantly nurture the relationship with romance, adventure, dates, and never fall into routine.) --- There's nothing more boring for a girl when a man calls and says, "What do you want to do?" She's like, "I don't know, what do you want to do?" You: "I don't care, what are you in the mood for?" (In reality she just wants him to make the decision and go along for a fun time.)
How does that make her feel special? Like you took the time to plan something out for her? She doesn't want to decide what to do, she wants you to put her into a love story. Make her life an adventure. --- (I couldn't have said it better myself. An alpha male always has a plan. You want to bring her excitement, passion, and make it so fun that the time seems like it's slow motion in the moment but it's flying by.) --- I'm including a list of things that my husband and I do that keep the excitement alive and keeps us bonding.
1. When He Took Me Skydiving. - I didn't want to go, and I was so nervous, but he assured me that he'd keep me safe. I couldn't even put it into words because, even though I told him I didn't want to go, he managed to make it one of the best dates of my life. --- (Relationships need obstacles. This was a unique version of that because it made the blood rush through your veins. In that moment, you guys weren't thinking about anything except, "We could literally die together, I'm scared." How bonding do you think it was that he guided you through that? How many relationships get that kind of excitement today? Probably almost zero.) ---
2. Massages (Classic one- maybe add some wine.)
3. One of the best dates he ever took me on before we got married was when he took me to this art museum and he proceeded to act like a tour guide spewing out dumb and outrageous "facts" about each of the pieces. One of the pieces that was very colorful he said, "This-this is one of my favorite pieces painted with crayons by Leonardo DiCaprio... it is an optical allusion... You see colors but it is really black and white... Fascinating." --- (This one is actually hilarious. I could see myself doing this. I have to try this one.) ---
4. Do a random generator of "Left" and "Right" and do it 20 times. Get in the car and follow the 20 left or rights that you did and the place that you end up is what you have to have for dinner. --- (This one is solid!) ---
5. Play some putt - putt. --- (Simple, but definitely a fun one. There's this glow in the dark putt putt course in a mall in Indianapolis. It's literally the best place ever.)---
6. Watch the sunset together. --- (I want to try sitting on the roof during golden hour and, with some wine, watch the sunset together. That would be romantic.) ---
7. The sweetest date he took me on was simple, but it was when he took me to play with the dogs and kitties at the local pound. They don't get to interact much with people, but the only problem was that I wanted to take all of them home so we pulled me away from the place crying.
8. Laying Under The Stars Together - He set up a blanket and we had snacks. Possibly driving to a remote location.
9. Spontaneous things such as: Deciding to do hot yoga, ballroom or salsa dancing, or something that's passionate and makes your heart race. --- (I said earlier that relationships need some challenge together. Something to take on with each other. Something for men is that if you fear doing it, then you must do it. It makes you master yourself and help bring passion and excitement into the relationship altogether.) ---
10. Couples Massages
BONUS** Selna Kim Date ideas.
1. Photoshoot with wild clothes. Literally a classic.
2. Cook dinner but you can both only use 1 hand.
3. Have a "Her" day - Plan the entire day out revolving around her. i.e my girl got her eyelashes and nails done, but talked about how she wanted to get her hair done but didn't want to spend all this money at once. I made a day revolving around her, and one of the things included getting her hair done.
4. Plan a weekend get away or nightly get away and you can't tell her where you're going. (It makes her feel special that you took the time to plan this out for HER. She wants the mystery and the romance. She wants to feel special like the only girl in the world.)
5. Take her dancing in the club and make it WILD. (I talk about in my 'Night Club Success Blueprint - which you can find after you sign up for the email newsletter - how, my girlfriend in Texas, we had some drinks and was at this two story club in Dallas. We only had 2 hours left, and we finally got to the top floor. I saw this crowd of people, and nobody was standing or dancing on this table. I wanted to be the highlight with her. So, I took her to the table and I said "we're getting on the table." she was like, "no! no! I'm too shy!" I pulled her up and we danced anyways. She loved me deeper than she ever had in that moment. It was adventurous, and gave her something that will last a lifetime - a memory.)
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