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3 SIMPLE Ways To Make Her Want You

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

I'm Selna Kim - America's Face of Dating & today we are going to discuss 3 very simple ways to make a woman see you as different from all the rest. Near the end I'll be giving you a special tip that most men are doing wrong when talking to girls.

My girlfriend was in the gym. She does some influencing, modeling with her sister for her channel mostly for women who want to get in shape. They are just their to do their workout and get film right but every. single. day. There's always guys chasing like it's freaking world-war-z up in there.

Drooling, chomping, and fighting through the crowds just to get them.

But the other day she told me about these two guys who freaked her out beyond the normal zombie-like individual. These two guys come up to her and they say, “I think I know what the difference is between you and your twin.” She’s like, “Um, okay. What?” They say, “You have a bigger ass then your sister.” She said that she was already very uncomfortable because she knew that these guys were basically eye fucking her the entire time she’s there.

So, for a lot of men they’ll ask themselves, “How do I make her want me?” And when they ask themselves that question they come up empty handed. One of my friends asked me the other day, “How do I become a better person?” And this is the technique that I told him. If you can’t figure out the solution then simply ask yourself the duality of that. “How do I become a worser person?” Then you start coming up with answers like, “Hit the snooze button on my alarm, go into target and take a bite out of the fruits and then put them back on the shelf, don’t put another roll of toilet paper on the roll after I’m done.”

The same is for men looking to attract a woman. Instead of asking yourself, “How do I get her?” ask, “How do I push her away?”

This leads back to that story. These guys were obviously trying to get my girl because she told me after her workout, they walked up to her car when she’s all alone and knocked on the window asking for her number.

That right there is the catch.

When you ask yourself, “How do I push her away?” Then you will come up with answers like, “Make her feel uncomfortable.”

When talking to a girl, you should position yourself so it’s like she’s trapping you. If you’re talking to her and she’s in the corner of a club, then subconsciously she’s going to feel trapped. But if you’re in the corner then she subconsciously feels like she’s pursuing you. When they came up to my girl in the car, she probably felt trapped.

A lot of men come on WAY too strong sexually and it totally creeps her out and then she thinks, “Oh he’s just trying to get into my pants.” Men don’t know how to talk about sex without making it awkward.

BONUS* One of the best ways to talk semi sexual with a girl and have it not become awkward is just by using the truth. i.e. “I mean yeah, you’re very attractive, but there are plenty of attractive people out there. I’m looking for somebody who can be a great fit for me as a man.” So you admit attraction, but disqualify her at the same time.

Also, when you sign up for my email newsletter on my website you’ll get the misdirection perfection file for free where you can literally spark interest in her instantly with some of the lines and scripts that are there for you. One of them is for when she’s walking away, and you say to your friend loud enough so she can hear, “Damn I hate to see her go but I love to watch her leave.” And she’ll turn around and give you the look as she’s walking away. That’s another way to spark interest without coming on too strong.

Finally, if you’re meeting for the first time, a lot of dating coaches recommend that you never have the "friends vibe".

But I disagree. Kind of.

Because imagine if you come on too sexually to one girl and you blow it, but you didn’t realize that she had a whole entire stream of friends that are attractive and gorgeous. Now you’re out with everyone because if you try to go for any other of the friends then you’ll get rejected just from her saying, “This guy is weird. He said (X) to me. (Whatever weird comment you said).”

Sometimes it’s better to just come off as a man who’s just having a good time and getting to know others because then you can play the social circle game and get introduced to other attractive friends who you might click with more. That’s a lot of what I did when I was a club promoter. Instead of coming off as a flirty womanizer, I’d just treat them like a normal human being and once they realized I was cool then they wanted to bring me around their attractive friends. But remember, being friends doesn’t mean that you are at her beck and call at all hours of the day. You are a man. You have your own life. that’s the fastest way to get friend zoned is to constantly be at her service like a peasant.

*If you need help with attraction and dating skills the fastest way to get a hold of me is to go to my services tab on my website and book a paid coaching session with yours truly. If you have any questions at all make sure to comment on the video, or send an email to me. I get a lot of questions over social media and through internet traffic. I’m Selna Kim baby, America’s Face of Dating and I’ll see you next time.*

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