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Women Who Want You Do This... | Attraction Explained

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Is She Interested? Or Just Being Nice? If You're Trying To Figure Out Whether To Ask Her Out Or Hit The 'Eject' Button, Don't Worry Because You're Not Alone. I'm Selna Kim - America's Face of Dating And We Are Going To Go Into Detail On What It Looks Like When She's Got The HOTS. FOR. YOU!



Yo, Selna, a few months ago I met a girl through my friend group in college. my name is Brayden, I go to Indiana University. --- (When I promoted down there it was wild. It was during Little-Five & this girl got up on the table and started stripping down becuase she was obviously TOO drunk. Her boyfriend tried to get her down, and she was slapping him away. I don't know if she had always wanted to a be a stripper, but the club that I was promoting went crazy watching.) --- You said in your video, '3 Ways To ALWAYS Get The Kiss' that girl's will put themselves in your orbit hoping that you get the hint and make the move on her. --- (Because men are about purpose, mission, success. The man goes for what he wants and believes he can have it. She wants to see how bad you want her, plus if you're capable of having the ability to win her. BUT women who are in the red on the chart I'm about to share with you, will basically ask you out.) --- So, I made a move to get her in person on a date. I told her that my friends and I are all going out to the clubs for one of my friends birthday party. That week, on a Wednesday, I asked her if she wanted to come out with me to celebrate. --- (Something to think about is if you really want her to be around your friends on your first 'date'. It's loud too so you can't really isolate her for one-on-one conversation. It only takes one awkward comment from your drunk friends to mess up everything. i.e "Who's your girlfriend here?" And you awkwardly say she's not your girl and then she avoids you the rest of the night because she doesn't want attention like that. I know you like your friends, but chances are they know nothing about girls and will totally fuck it up for you. I'm assuming you want monogamy since you're emailing me about one specific girl you want to date. Do you really want to start your romance story like this, or taking her out solo for quiet, romantic conversation?) ---
She responded the next day with, "I'll check if I can go and let you know if I can!" --- (Two things: 1) what she really was saying is, 'I don't want to go, but I don't want to reject you and be mean. So, I'm telling you that I'll let you know and I'll never get back to you.' Women who don't like you, isn't interested, or attracted (on the blue section of the chart below) is that they'll say, "I'm busy, I'll think about it, maybe, I'll check my schedule." Women who want you, are going to make it easy. Like the quote, "Women who like you will open the doors for you, when they don't, the doors close." 2) If she's responded after days, then this probably tells you that she isn't that interested. Unless she's some big business girl or really is busy. Most likely not.) ---
That Saturday came for the party, so I texted her that afternoon and asked, "Did you check if you can go tonight?" --- (One of the biggest turn-offs for a woman is neediness. When you force yourself on to her, it shows her that you're needy. This text only shows her that you can't give her space. Women don't want to feel rushed or forced in anyway. If she told you she was going to get back to you, then let her get back to you. If she doesn't, then go out to the party and get another girl.) --- She responded that night while I was at the party and said, "I've had a long week of school, so I wanted to stay home tonight." --- (Code: Blue - not interested in you.) --- I asked her, "My other friend is coming here next weekend, would you like to come?" She just replied, "okay." Should I wait to text her again? Should I reply? Do I have a chance?"
Above is a chart that I included in my book to tell you exactly where she's at and in what moment. I designed this chart to help myself and other men guide her from semi-interested in you to becoming obsessed with you.
Red indicates the state she's in when she's in love with you, obsessed with you. She texts you all the time, telling you that something reminded her of you. Orange-Red shows a woman who is chasing you.
She may do things like: (Gets jealous of other girls, hinting at boyfriend-girlfriend, says, "I've never felt like this about a guy." Sends a lot of emoji's over text. Her pupils will dilate when you're looking into her eyes.
Yellow indicates a girl who may be attracted to you but is also okay if she didn't have you. Yellow-Orange is the beginning stages of her beginning to form somewhat of a crush on you. She may show subtle signs that she finds you attractive like: talking loud or laughing loud to get your attention. She may stick her chest out or butt out to make you notice her. She will also play with her hair, and she will make time for you. Her body will be open and facing you.
Blue, is the opposite of red on the chart. It symbolizes cold. She doesn't answer your texts, Brayden. She doesn't reciprocate the effort you give to her. Most of people's problems in dating is that they chase that which doesn't want them, isn't good for us, or doesn't give back as much as we give. It's draining.
So, Brayden, chances are she's below yellow, and it sounds like she's honestly in the blue or blue-green section which I will talk about in the next video about the signs of disinterest.
The purple section is the 'no-no' zone. These are the people, man or woman, who you need to absolutely avoid at all costs. The 'hot & cold' types. The insecure. The people who get mad at you when you don't reply after 5 minutes. The gold-diggers. My dad told me a story about the love of his life in high school. A cheerleader. He tried to talk to her everyday and she gave him the cold shoulder. He worked hard and was car geek. He bought a pearl-white corvette. Beautiful car. Everyone knew him afterward, even the cheerleader. He said she didn't just know him, but she ran down the hall to talk to him the day he pulled up in it. He looked at her and said, "Do I know you from somewhere?"
The point of my book, 'Waking The Core Of Man' is to help the guys out who struggle with knowing if she's attracted and what to do. It's easy to get a girl who's in the red zone. My book is designed to easily win, seduce, and have her craving you no matter where she is on the chart. The point of the chart is that you want to get her to become red hot for you. If she's in the green, you need to pass her tests and get her to orange, and be able to have the ability to get her into the red. It's like a game in a way, where the more you pass her tests the more she wants you.
IMPORTANT TIP* Men are focused on the outcome. Getting the girl. We don't realize that the more the man focuses on himself and focuses on becoming a better man, that's what attracts great women to him. The more the man focuses on growing himself, the more women who show up already in the orange and fall for you very quickly. The example is growing fruit trees. People focus on the fruit of the tree, and doing so causes small, bad, and inedible fruit. But you need to focus on growing the roots because the stronger the roots, the better the fruit.
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