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My Secret To ALWAYS Secure The Kiss (A Selna Kim Top 10 Reads)

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

Afraid to go for the kiss with her? Can't breakthrough that barrier of anxiety, fear of rejection, and nerves? Use this technique to not only secure a kiss, but leave her WANTING MORE every. single. time.

Hi, Selna Kim here - America's Face of Dating and I received multiple questions revolving around one key topic including:

“How do you go for the kiss?”, "Can you give me some tips for the first kiss?", "I always get nervous and never can go for the kiss with her." - Brian, Andrew, & Jason

After I began to hit my stride in attracting the kinds of women that I really wanted I could flirt, banter, push-pull, and could really make them desire me BUT there came a point in the interaction where - inevitably - I could tell she wanted to be kissed. Even with all of the signs, the green lights, and the signals that I should go for the kiss I still hesitated. This fear accumulated in my belly and I never had what it took to just pull her in and be the man that could sweep her off her feet and romance her into the love story she's always secretly wanted.

There was always this barrier that separated my lips from her and the barrier was this fear of rejection, anxiety, and nerves. I believed going for the kiss was something all men knew how to do - like changing a tire, or fixing a toilet. I felt like only half a man because I didn't know how to just do it.

That was until I learned a few simple tricks and techniques that cut those nerves in half and guaranteed a kiss every time I used them. BUT this technique can be used for those who are just starting off and need a way to go for the kiss. It will help close the gap between where you are now and that charming, Romeo-like man you want to be. (Note: these are not longterm solutions, so use them wisely.)

TECHNIQUE : The Questions Game

Before I share the final technique, I wanted to tell you a quick story on how I really discovered its potential power. My friend was a huge club promoter in the midwest, and I went to him because, well, I had no idea what I was doing with women. "Please," I told him, "just teach me how to get the girl." After taking me in, I started to get decent and hit my stride but one barrier locked me up every time and that was going for the kiss.

One night, he was called to promote and market for a local DJ at a skating rink called 'Skateland', and asked if I would accompany him. It was my first gig as a promoter. That's when I saw her.

"She was sparkling. Her golden-blonde hair gleamed as if she had the starring role in a shampoo ad. Her body language oozed confidence like the female boss of some big corporation who's used to telling men what to do. She casually held one hand on her hip that was wrapped in bright blue denim jeans that stretched to the max around her curves. You could see every detail. A robbin's-egg blue cotton hoodie with the DJ's logo on it that matched her blue eyes completed her wardrobe." - Waking The Core Of Man pg. 68

Every eye was on her. Even the other girls. It broke the scale of beauty. She was so beautiful that even girls were intimidated by her, and then men were already melting into the floor like ice cubes. Throughout the event, guys tried to talk to her. They tried anything. They skated beside her and she ignored them. They would bring her a smoothie, and she declined. Nobody could break through to her. At the end of the skating portion, it took 15 minutes to set up outside for the foam concert. My friend - the promoter - and I went to our lockers to grab our stuff to take outside. The locker bay was loud with the chatter of people, but then it went silent for a moment. I realized a presence at the locker next to me. I turned my head, and it was her. My heart pounded. My friend looks at me, telling me to go for it.

After my training with attraction and seduction, even I didn't know if I could win the heart of this perfect replica of femininity. Saying "hi" seemed impossible. Opening her was nerve racking. I was frozen with fear. But I also realized, in that moment, that women don't want to open the man. They want the right man to open them. When they find someone attractive, women tend to play with their hair, laugh loudly, and do anything to make him notice her. I didn't realize until later that she was doing that all for me. She dropped something by my feet. Knelt down to pick it up, and on her way back up she accidentally bumped my ass.

I gave her a surprised look. "How forward of you," I insisted. "This is how you flirt with somebody?"

After back and forth testing, she invited me to join her in VIP at the foam concert. (If you want to hear more about the conversation dynamics look in Waking The Core Of Man's Chapter 3 Part 2: Green Lights.)

But there was one problem. During the concert she turned around, looked me in the eye, my hands on her hips and I knew I had to go for the kiss. I didn't. I couldn't. I pulled her away from the crowd and back inside so we could have some alone time. This is where the game began.

The first step is you say, "Let's play a game." She wanted to play.

"If I win... If I win you have to kiss me."

The game consists of 5 simples questions - at least that's what you tell her. The first being, "What's your favorite song right now?" She told me it was a song by The Weeknd. The second was: "If you could be anywhere on vacation right now, where would you be?" She said she would be in Cancun to party. The third question was: "What's your favorite thing to eat all time?" She told me it was Chinese food. Question 4 is where the kiss happens.

We were sitting on a bench with our legs touching. I held up one finger and told her to watch it. I moved it in close, right between her eyes, and touched her nose. Then I backed it a hair away. She was cross-eyed.

"Am I touching you right now?" I asked, saying the final question.

"Um, no."

That's when I won. I pointed to our legs because we were touching the entire time. It was one of the greatest techniques I ever used to breakthrough to the first kiss.

Use this to enhance your dating life, and you'll see how incredible it truly is.

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