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Act Too Cold And You Will Lose Her

Hi, I'm Selna Kim & We Will Be Going Through A DM Send By A High Status Member Of #TEAMSK About A Girl Who Keeps Going Back And Forth Between Him & Another Guy

(Video & Article below):

Here's what the writer has sent in, and my answers are in [BOLD]

"Hey man, i want you to help me with a girl. So long story short, in September she asked me to be her boyfriend so I accepted I was a beta back then. [Girls usually don't ask the man, "Will you be my boyfriend?" They usually hint at it through subtle ways when they are feeling 'love'. When she starts feeling that, one day you will be talking or playing around and you might get a text or snap chat from another girl. She'll question you about it, then later ask you, "Are you talking to other girls?"

And you need to say: "What do you mean?"

Her: "Well I'm not dating or talking to other guys. I'm focused on you. And it would hurt me if you were talking to other girls."

This is her way of telling you that she wants to be exclusive with you.]

I got attached quick and she got bored of me so she took a break with the excuse that she doesn't want me to break up with me. A couple weeks later she gets with another guy, I ignored her for 5 months and we finally started to talk again.

[That's what happens. When you act like a woman (Beta) then women tend to get turned off by this and they start to ghost you or go cold on you. It's because women want the chase. They need the romance and the mystery. When you basically tell her that she's your everything then she has nothing else to really work towards. You must always keep her guessing. Forever. Even in marriage.]

This time i worked on myself to not be beta anymore we were flirting a lot but I think that she was also talking with the other guy, she was hiding secrets about me but I already knew cause the other guy already told me what she was doing with him while we were in the situation of talking so she was kinda leading me on, so I cut her off again.

[It sounds like she's trying to either have both of you or wait until she can choose from the better of the two of you. But this is what happens when you act like a man who respects himself. When you say, "I know my worth, and my value and I'm not going to stick around if you're choosing another guy." She will respect you and it's a way better place to come from if you want to win her back.]

I worked twice as hard on myself this time and teach myself on how to talk to girls on other girls. A couple weeks later I texted her but this time she was different. She was all over me, triple texting me like she was scared to lose me again. I gave her mixed signals but I think I went too far on being cold.

[She came back because you were applying a lot of what I talk about in my book. The things that truly attract women. Not what Hollywood or family or friends make you believe attracts women.]

So she started to slow down on lusting over me when I told her that she's my girl. She's doubting herself on why I don't pick other girls. So I start to be nice but she's starting to take time to reply to my text compared to when she was texting fast not too long ago.

Keep in mind that now I go on and off with her. I think that she's doubting that I really like her, so what should I do?"

[She tested you. She was trying to get some validation from you. If you were being cold, that's not the time to throw in teases and push-pulls. It's the time to make her feel how much you want her. NOT THROUGH YOUR WORDS. But through the way you talk to her. That's when you're like, "C'mon, I can't get enough of you (;" Smirk* "Now let's go out and I'll show you how much I'm into you." AND THEN that's when you let her come to you. After that night, you take a break from her and let her chase you. That's CRITICAL.]

If you want to really get this girl hooked on you, then make sure to read Waking The Core Of Man. And also jump into my AMP Installment.**

Good luck boss, SK

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