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Best Texting Comebacks (CHEAT CODES TO CHASING)

It's Selna Here & We Received A Short But Simple Question From A Viewer Asking About How To Make Your Texting Game Stronger Than A 10,000 Volt Battery

(Video & Article below):

Here's what the writer has sent in, and my answers are in [BOLD]

"How to not make the messages dry!!!!"

[Wow, how forward of you! Not even a little sucking up? Just straight to it huh. I guess I will give you my BEST texting comebacks for absolutely free. This will work on any girl and it WILL make her chase you... be warned. BUT these are conversations that can be used both in person and over texting.

Texting is congruent to in person conversation. If you can flirt over text then you should be able to flirt in person.]

Number 1:

Me: Do you want a drink Her: No it’s okay Me: Good I wasn’t offering anything

Number 2: Me: “Do you want a drink” Her: “sure what do you got” Me: we’ll the bar is over there you can find out for yourself Number 3:

Her: I have 500k tik tok followers Me: Hey that’s cool and all but I’m not going to sleep with you tonight Number 4:

Her: It’s my birthday Me: Cool what did you buy me ?

Number 5: Her: Can I have some water Me: Okay but you have to come with me… hold my hand just incase you get lost ;)

Number 6: Her: I can’t sleep Me: Sorry I have that effect on people

Number 7: Her: Guess my name Me: First person to guess the first letter of our names has to do something... (make bet)

Number 8: Her: You can come see me but only bad things happen at this time (it’s 2am) Me: Don’t worry I’ll keep you under control (;

Number 9: Her: Are you going to sit there and look pretty? Or buy me a drink. Me: Depends on what drink you want Her: I want a vodka cranberry Me: What? Are you a grandma?

Her: laughs & banters with you* forgets about drink**

**when conversation dies down**

You: Sooo.. are you going to sit there and look pretty or buy me a drink? (;

Number 10:

Her: That sounds like a you problem Me: Well that’s going to be a me and you problem if you come join me

If you want to really get this girl to be yours, then make sure to read Waking The Core Of Man. And also jump into my AMP Installment.**

Good luck stud, >>> Selna Kim

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