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Attraction 101 - What Makes Girls Attracted?

It's Selna Here & We Received A Short But Simple Question From A Viewer Asking About What ACTUALLY Makes A Girl Attracted To You

(Video & Article below):

Here's what the writer has sent in, and my answers are in [BOLD]

"Yo man I watch alot of your videos on tik tok and appreciate the help very much but I have a really important question...its important to me tho

A girl likes a guy that's busy right so should I be busy and not call her and text her a lot and don't make her my top priority?

[There's a lot of people in the dating community who say that, "Girls like a guy who's busy." But the truth is everyone's busy to an extent. So, does that mean girls like everyone? Absolutely not. A lot of people who say that girls like who's busy don't really know how to explain that or what it means.

It means that girls like a man who has a vision. A PURPOSE. He is actively pursuing the things that he wants to accomplish. His life is revolving around his vision and not one particular relationship. This puts the girl in the position to chase you which is what she wants. I know girls are like, "I want it to be 50-50." But when you pursue them more than 20% of the time, they tend to get bored and walk away from you.]

Or should I do what u said in the one video the "push and pull" where I compliment her everyday and do things to make her think I like her but then she'll be un attracted to me then I pull away and become distant...

[That video that I made for TikTok, it's only for someone who is playing games with you. I don't recommend doing that on someone who's normal, who's healthy, and is treating you with respect. If they are playing games with you and being manipulative, then I would go that route. Honestly, it's better to walk away. Why deal with someone who's manipulative? Why not go find someone where it's effortless, where it's fun?]

Which one is better to getting the girl you attracted to...much love and support love your videos very much and thanks in advance if you reply.

[What truly makes a woman attracted to you is understanding that women love the chase. Everything you do in conversation should be around on principle and that is to make her chase you. That's the stuff I talk about in my book. That's the stuff I talk about in my program. Those are the tricks to make her chase you.

But at the end of the day, you cannot base your entire life's purpose down to one relationship. It has to be revolved around your purpose. What truly wakes you up in the morning and drives you to success. Then, let the women chase you while you move on your path.]

If you want to really get this girl to be yours, then make sure to read Waking The Core Of Man. And also jump into my AMP Installment.**

Good luck stud, >>> Selna Kim

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