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Do This When She Says "She's Not Ready"

It's Selna Here & We Will Be Going Through A DM Sent In By A High Status Member Of #TEAMSK About A Girl Who Is In His Class, Asks Him For Questions On The Test, But Tells Him That She's "Not READY" When He Asks Her Out...

(Video & Article below):

Here's what the writer has sent in, and my answers are in [BOLD]

"Hello, I've been watching your TikToks lately and you've helped me get a date with a girl that I barely know. But something happened and I don't know what to say...

So I went on a date with this girl. I asked her out spontaneous and she accepted. So I waited 2 weeks to text her again for a 2nd date/meeting. She responded 20 hours later with: Hiii I have work that time.

[20 hours later?! No girl who is REALLY interested in a man will get back to him 20 hours later. I've dated models, actresses, and influencers and some of them are busy as fuck. But they still never took 20 hours to respond. It shows that you need to spark more attraction within your interaction with her. You need to spark the emotion of desire and then suddenly she will become more free to talk.]

I left her on read because I knew she was acting weird with her response time and not showing enough interest to reschedule.

[Don't leave her on read. This shows that you're kind of upset about it. You need to let her feel free to choose you. You can't show her that you're offended or upset about it. This makes women perceive you as low value. Just say, "Okay, well when you figure out a time, then let me know!"]

But then she added my number and double texted me a day later with a question about the test we did together. So we talked a bit about school and vacation. This gave me motivation to ask her where I actually stand.

[NEVER ask a woman where you stand with her. This is the woman's job. Women are about bonding, connecting, and opening up to a man. AND chasing the man. When you ask this, it will take all of the mystery and anticipation away.]

[You said earlier that you went out with her one time. You didn't elaborate on that date. But if you do everything right on the date, then she will most likely reach out to you that night (90% of the time) after the date, or she will reach out to you the next day. But she will say, "thank you so much, I had a great time tonight."

And all you have to do is respond with, "Thank you! I had such a great time with you too. :)"

And this is going to make her wonder about you. Because MOST guys are trying to get another date because they are insecure about themselves. They need her to commit to something for them to feel better about themselves. MOST guys are chasing her. But when you tell her you had a great time too and leave it at that then she starts to wonder:

"Did he not have a good time? What if my breath stank or something? Maybe he doesn't like me."

She goes and talks to her friends then reaches out to try to get you to set another date. This makes you a mystery.]

So I said 1 week later: the previous time was really fun we should meet up again soon.

After 20 hours she said: yeah I’m not sure. It's really fun that’s for sure but I’m not in the mood to date anyone at the moment I think.

[Men are logical, they look at her words and take them at face value. But women don't use logic, they run on emotion. How you make them feel. So you need to look at her actions, not her words. She is saying that she's having "fun" but she doesn't want to meet up. She's just telling you what you want to hear. Instead, go no contact and let her come back to you.]

So I responded with: ah I understand it perfectly. Good that you are honest. I will leave you alone.

Again 24 hours later she responded with hahah leave me alone we can still just ask each other questions.

I’m from the Netherlands btw so sorry for my English.

[I think you did well with your English. But you didn't do well with your approach on the situation here. Focus on not locking her down to a commitment, and focus instead on giving her a great time when you're with her or talking to her. This is what I talk about in my book and in my program. I give you the tools needed to spark the emotions of desire within her that makes her chase you.]

If you want to really get this girl to be yours, then make sure to read Waking The Core Of Man. And also jump into my AMP Installment.**

Good luck stud, >>> Selna Kim

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