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Make Her Wonder About You...

Hi, I'm Selna Kim & We Will Be Going Through A DM Send By A High Status Member Of #TEAMSK About A Girl Who Has Been Hanging Around A Girl Too Much And She Has Begun To Lose Interest.

(Video below):

Here's what the writer has sent in, and my answers are in BOLD

"heyyy broski. How are you bro? Bro I saw like all most of you're TikToks it's helping me a lot. [Great! I'm glad to see that my videos are making an impact on you!] So if you don't mind I want to open up about something... Like 6 months back me and this girl started talking. We went on dates, car rides, and everything. I almost see her everyday. [Dude. If you watched my last 2 Q & A's you should know that you should not be seeing your girl every single day. She WILL lose interest in you. Because it becomes boring and repetitive. You have to give her time to wonder about you. You have to give her time to think about you and miss you.]

This Thursday I went out with her and since then she's been acting weird and not replying to my messages or anything. [This tells me that you are forcing yourself on to her. You are probably sending her videos or more messages when she hasn't replied to you. You have to let her come to you. If you text her then wait for her reply. It sounds like you're trying to tie her down to a commitment. For what? It needs to unfold naturally. Like you're baking a cake. Don't keep opening the oven saying, 'is it done yet?' You deflate all of the heat and destroy the cake.]

I just don't know bro. And after she got home when I dropped her off, she met her girl best friend with two other guys then went to one of the guys cousins house. So should I text her or what should I do?

[You need to wait to hear from her. If you pursue too much then she will start to go after other guys. You need self control. The other guys could be in the picture because you are showing more weakness and lack of confidence than them. It's important to be her best option when it comes to competition.]

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