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Get Her To Think About You With This...

Hi, I'm Selna Kim & I'm going to be talking about a specific, step-by-step technique that will make her think about you constantly. When she's thinking about you, attraction is rising.

(Text examples in video below):

The first time I learned the lethality of this technique, the spice, and the damage it can do I have to be honest... I abused its power. But it was totally worth it. This has to deal with NLP. (Neuro Linguistic Programming). This is basically hypnosis where you give the receiving person a rush of emotions and this rush makes them fall deeper in love with you.

I went to this wine and canvas where you paint something while drinking wine, and when I walked in there was this curvy blonde with highlights in her hair like a golden zebra. I later found out she was actually a surgeon.

But it was one of those days where my game was on FIRE. So, after an hour of hot conversation such as teasing her on her shitty art skills and making her want me bad, we were about to leave. I noticed she had this necklace. So, I took my necklace and told her to keep it until the next week when we came back. She also gave me hers.

I realized, after I gave her my necklace, that this was powerful. She couldn't wait until next week to see me next. She wanted to see me that night. She hunted down my social media, dm'd me, (Which is in the video above^) and demanded I get with her. Of course, I made her wait a day to build anticipation.

Partially it was the necklace. Like I said, the conversation was hot, passionate, and full of sexual desire. But all of those emotions were stuffed into that necklace like a teddy bear. Every time she looked at herself in the mirror, or taking a selfie for snapchat she saw the necklace then immediately thought of me.

So, use this with direction and of course keep it between you and team Sk. We can't let this get out.

This can also work with hoodies and much more things. Give her a great time then give her a small thing to hold on to until you see her next.

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