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How Girls Test A Man's Confidence

Hi, I'm Selna Kim & We Will Be Going Through A DM Send By A High Status Member Of #TEAMSK About A Girl Who Tested Him & He Didn't Even Know It.

(Video below):

Here's what the writer has sent in, and my answers are in BOLD

"Hello, I've been talking to this girl recently and everything was sweet and good. We were talking nonstop. In a day she texted me and said, "Some friend asked me if we were dating, and I said no. You won't get upset about that right?" And then BOOM absolutely no interest anymore. No more texting, just rarely, and I don't know what to do. And sorry for my bad English, I am from Romania."

[When she said, "Some friend asked if we were dating, and I said no. That won't upset you will it."

What I would've done in that position is THIS:

"Really? I got the same question today and you won't believe what I said..."

Her: "what?"

You: "I told them, "in her dreams (;"


It is CRITICAL. But look at how playful that is now compared to how you responded.

I literally talk about throughout my entire book how to do this in hundreds of different scenarios to make her chase you. You have to read that book if you haven't. 'Waking The Core Of Man' in the products tab of my website.

But I would've made her wait for like 10 minutes after I said, "You'll never guess what I said..." So then she's bothering you and wondering what you said back. But when you just say, "No. It won't bother me" then you take the playfulness and mystery away from her.

Women NEED mystery, they need romance. So what do you think happens when you tell her 'no' or 'yes' or 'yes, I like you.' It lowers their attraction. So when you told her it doesn't bother you then you became predictable. You want to be the man who she cannot figure out. It makes her wonder about you and that's what raises her attraction.]

[P.S* If you are serious about making her chase you then you have to either read my book or hop into my private class. 'The AMP Installment' where I give my most powerful tricks to influencing and much more. Hope to see you inside.]

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