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How To Ask Out A Shy Girl

Hi, I'm Selna Kim & We Will Be Going Through A DM Sent By A High Status Member Of #TEAMSK About How To Ask Out A Shy Girl...

(Video & Article below):

Here's what the writer has sent in, and my answers are in [BOLD]

"Hey so I got a question. I'm 14 and I've hung out with this girl with a group of friends and I made eye contact while talking. I could tell she was getting shy because she probably has never experienced eye contact while talking. We just had an overall good time and she actually posted me on her spam account.

[Usually when a girl posts a picture of you, then it's a good sign. Refer back to 'Women Who Like YOU Do This...' video where I explain everything a girl does when she's interested. It's also in my book, but it goes along with the color chart. Red means she wants you, and blue means she's not that interested.

However, posting you on her account could mean she likes you, it also might not. If it was a group picture then it's no big deal.]

Out of the entire day she could've posted anything but she posted me and I really want ask her out.

[Then you have to ask her out to see if she's interested. If she makes an excuse then wait a week to ask her out again. IF she makes another excuse then move on. But girls who like you will make time for you. They will make it easy for you. Refer to this quote, "If she likes you, you'll know. If she doesn't, then you'll be confused."]

She likes Thai tea and i was thinking that i should take her to go get some thai tea but I would ask something like this:

"Hey ( the girls name) I know you know a thing or two about Thai tea, where's a good place to get some?" (She'll tell me a good place to get some) Thanks you free Saturday? We should get some

^ How does that sound please correct me if im wrong and tell me the truth

[This is pretty bold, and direct. Which can be a good thing. But I think you should make her work for you more. This is what I'd say:

"You were talking about how good Thai tea was, and I've never had it, but I kind of want to try it. But there's no way it's THAT good. Like you have to be pulling my leg.

Her: No, it's literally SO good. You have no idea.

You: make her work more* Ehh are you sure it's that good? Like are their flavors? Or what's in it?

Her: This and that's in there. Explains to you*

You: "Alright I'll try it, I guess. But on one condition."

Her: Yeah, what's that? :)

You: "Only if you take me (;"

Like I said, if she makes an excuse, then wait a week. But if she makes the date, then go out with her and show her a really good time.

If you want to really get this girl hooked on you, then make sure to read Waking The Core Of Man. And also jump into my AMP Installment.**

Good luck boss, SK

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