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How To Go Viral On TikTok

Hi, I'm Selna Kim & We Will Be Going Through A DM Send By A High Status Member Of #TEAMSK About Tips For Going Viral On Tiktok

As you know, Team SK is now almost 500,000 followers STRONG. So, you have come to the right place.

(Video below):

Here's what the writer has sent in, and my answers are in BOLD

"Hey man. I've been posting titkoks for aorund 2 months now. And I havn't been seeing the results I'm hoping for. [I believe it took me about 20-30 videos for my content to blow up and actually get exposure. Some may be more, and some may be less. But it's also about consistency with growing your following. You don't want to be a one hit wonder.]

I'm reaching out to you, because I perosnally enjoy your content. And I would like some advice or tips from you. It would be appreciated if you check me out. And offer tips. I would appreciate anything from you, because you always give insane tips on your channel. [I appreciate your positive feedback.]

Here’s my @ [I'm keeping your social media out of this so I can keep your channel and identity private.]

I'm aware my last video sucks. Because it was something new I tried out. But I mainly post about self Imporovement. And I've posted like 82 videos in 72 days. So I am pretty consistent. [One of the greatest tips I can give is something so basic yet so many people miss. You have to talk about the things that people want to hear about. Just because you think it's a good topic doesn't mean the majority thinks it is. Think of your viewers as consumers. If they want cheesecake, but you bring carrot cake because you like carrot cake, how well do you think that will go over? Probably not good. Popular topics include: marijuana, porn, confidence hacks, the birth signs, sigma males, etc. DO NOT reinvent the wheel.]

And I'm willing to learn or to take any advice from you. As I will appreciate it."

[Listen up bro. When you say something like, 'I'm aware my last video sucks' what does that speak to me? What does it speak to everyone who's reading or watching this? It's telling me that you DO NOT believe in yourself. You want people to listen to you, but you don't even sound like you believe in what you're saying. Why should I? Or anyone else? You have to believe in what you're saying for anyone else to believe in it.]

[P.S* If you are serious about blowing up your social media then you have to either read my book or hop into my private class. 'The AMP Installment' where I give my most powerful tricks to influencing and much more. Hope to see you inside.]

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